The products of Turó de Peralada

The owners of Turó de Peralada are not hoteliers. We work the land and are a graduate in oenology and a dog trainer. Our wish is for people from other places to enjoy the wealth of our surroundings.

Therefore, in addition to offering guests the opportunity to stay in a delightful landscape, we sell two typical products of the area:

Arbequina i Picual

Oil of the Arbequina and Argudell varieties
pressed by ourselves
from our ancient olive trees
and bottled by Trull de Cabanes.

Price: 7 euros a bottle

El Missatger negre

“El Missatger negre” (The Black Messenger) and “El Missatger blanc” (The White Messenger) wine
from the Pujol Cargol winery
certified by the Empordà Designation of Origin.

Price: 7.50 euros a bottle.

Turó de Peralada has a vineyard of 10,000 square meters which extracted part of the grapes used to produce the wine "El Missatger" (D.O Empordà).

Vi El Missatger
Vi El Missatger
Celler Pujol Cargol
Celler Pujol Cargol
Celler Pujol Cargol
Celler Pujol Cargol